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Ecole de parapente Labellisée FFVL
Ecole de Parapente
Label EFVL n°05900
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Elementair is a paragliding school based near Paris, France, but we travel all around France (Normandy, Alps) and sometimes even abroad.
We are certified by the French Free Flight Federation (FFVL), and our goal is to make you discover the pleasures of paragliding and to teach you how to become a complete pilot keeping in mind the following keywords: Rigour, Safety and Pleasure.

Tandem Flights
Tandem flight in NormandieTandem flight can be enjoyed by anyone of any age with no prior experience necessary, it is the easiest and safest way to experience the thrill of soaring.
We fly coasts, montains and even plains thanks to a winch. Everything is under a certified pilot's control, just bring shoes with good ankle support, warm clothing layers and a jacket ! You may bring a compact camera if you wish. We are available seven days a week if you schedule in advance.
A Tandem Gift Certificate makes an original gift !

Discovering Paragliding
If you really want to see what paragliding is all about... Discover the equipement, learn how to control the glider on the ground under a solo wing, and finally fly tandem with an instructor who may let you pilot the wing... 1 or 2 days courses to know if you want to go further.

Becoming a pilot
Fly by your own !To become a complete pilot and be able to fly by your own, safely, with your own glider, you will have to follow several courses.
Initiation: you will discover the basics as launch, ground and air controling skills, and of course landing. During the week, you should be able to fly by yourself, under a solo wings, radio-supervised.
Progression: You will learn how to fly on known sites in calm weather by your own and you will be prepared to pass your first certification called "Brevet Initial"
Perfectionnement: We will prepare you to decide how and when to fly your paraglider without the direct supervision of your instructor and you'll be prepared to pass the pilot certification which is called "Brevet de Pilote". You can now call yourself a pilot !
Perfectionnement plus: Already a pilot, but you want to go further, improve your skills and begin with distance flights (also called XC) ? Go for this course that will prepare you to pass the "Brevet de Pilote confirmé" (Advanced Pilot Certification)

Elementair also offers a wide range of courses: Journey abroad, SMIV (Simulation and recovery of flight incident), courses for persons with disabilities... Ask us !

Paragliding Shop
Elementair is also a shop that will provide you with up to date equipment. We sell Advance, Airwave, Gin Gliders, Ozone and many others !

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